About Us

Our legacy dates back to 1976 when Worth Masten was laid off from A&P Grocery. He and his wife Polly built Arlington Meat Market behind their old homeplace in Arlington (now Jonesville), a small town in the foothills of NC. In 1986, with 1,000 hams, they built and opened a sister company, Masten’s Sugar Cured Hams.

Greg Pardue was one of many young men who started working for Worth and the Arlington Meat Market when he was just 12 years old. He worked various positions after that, including being the meat manager at Food Lion and working as a USDA meat inspector.

Greg bought the country ham outlet from Worth in 1997 and rebranded it as Foothills Sugar Cured Country Hams in 1998. It was around this time that Greg’s nephew, Richard Shaw, began working for him. Work ethic was (and still is) an important trait to the family, and when Richard was in elementary school, he would get off the bus at the processing plant and get to work.

Worth closed Arlington Meat Market in 2000 and Greg remodeled and reopened the meat market as Foothills Meat Center in 2003. In 2009, Richard became General Manager of the store. In 2013, Greg and Richard, with the help of their amazing staff, relocated Foothills Meat Center to its current location at 224 South Bridge Street in Jonesville - about a mile down the road from the former location.

We are honored to continue the legacy of Worth Masten and we appreciate our community for allowing us to serve the freshest cuts of meats and country ham for over 40 years.